The Girl who wore Freedom


1H 33MIN

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From death there is rebirth; From tragedy there is triumph. Our story begins in Normandy, France, where Dany Patrix and other survivors of the D-Day invasion share personal reflections and untold stories of living under German occupation and being liberated by Allied forces in World War II. Long forgotten by the world are the twenty thousand French civilians killed in Normandy during the Battle of Normandy. But those still living in Normandy haven't forgotten, and yet, they continue to celebrate and embrace Americans for their liberation and the ultimate gift of freedom. We follow Dany from her first interaction with American soldiers on D-Day, to her current experiences of thanking World War II veterans and their modern-day replacements. Other survivors, like Maurice Lecouer, Henri-Jean Renaud, and Denise Leconte recount how the relationship between soldier and citizen grew from an initial wariness and fear to an eternal bond which has been passed down for generations. We visit Brecourt Manor, the famous battle site where Dick Winters and the men of Easy Company — known as "The Band of Brothers" — liberated a German battery, saving thousands of lives on Utah Beach. We watch re-enactments of historical events and witness WWII veterans visiting Normandy for the first time since the war. All of Normandy is a living war museum, with shrapnel on the beaches, bullet-holes in the walls, and blood-stained pews in the churches. Normans have vowed to never forget the lessons of WWII and the value of freedom. The citizens proudly point out the battle scars of their towns, reveal the scars of their flesh, and even the demons of their memories. Our story closes on recent D-Day celebrations of remembrance and gratitude, where young and old French citizens alike celebrate the Allied nations who fought for freedom. Their joy is clear and their heads are held high, because the people of Normandy know their future was decided by others, from across the seas, soldiers determined to free them from tyranny and despair. The French know freedom is not free, and remain forever grateful to those who paid the ultimate price.


Directed by Christian Taylor

Produced by Christian Taylor

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