Killing Tony + Birdcage + How to fall in Love in a Brothel



Availability ended 11/30/2020 EDT
BONUS FILM until November 30 only. Preceded by the short "Birdcage". Killing Tony: A fascinating portrait of identity and redemption.
At the start of the film, Jenni talks about Tony like he’s an annoying roommate or spouse she’s grown weary of. Tony talks about Jenni as though maybe she’s right. The tough thing about their relationship is, Tony and Jenni are the same person. What follows is a perplexing and wonderful tale, about Tony and Jenni’s battle for identity, and healing from pain. Tony is a blond Finnish man in his mid-40’s with a dead-end job and a plain car. He has a self-deprecating smile and a kind, honest demeanor. When Tony turns into Jenni, he/she takes on a bubbly personality and a shoulder-length hairdo. Jenni, who says she’s 21, adores wearing fluffy dresses with tights, hair bows, and perfect pink nail polish. She goes out with girlfriends for drinks, dancing, and karaoke, and makes herself the life of the party. The camera is allowed deeply into this person’s life as we follow them at work, at home, and with loved ones. We learn how Tony and Jenni maintain two separate networks of friends who understand. We learn about Tony’s childhood and long lost family members. Most intriguing of all, we watch Tony and Jenni navigate the world of relationships and dating with some unexpected results. It is a fascinating portrait of identity and redemption. — Susan Manly Cooke, Red Rock Film Festival

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